ZEELOT Samsung S20 Ultra Camera Lens Protector

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ZEELOT Samsung S20 Ultra Camera Lens Tempered Glass Protector 

  • SAME PHOTO QUALITY, MORE PROTECTION– Protects your camera lens from scratches without sacrificing quality. You will forget that it is even there.
  • PRECISION IS PERFORMANCE– A match made in heaven. So precise, it leaves no gaps behind.
  • ENGINEERED TO PERFECTION– Protect your camera lens without compromising the quality.
  • MORE CLINGY THAN EVER– Our Japan formulated adhesive, make sure the tempered glass is cemented onto your camera lens
  • WE GOT YOUR BACK COVERED– Bundle with a matte back protector, just because we are thoughtful enough
  • WAIT, IS IT EVEN THERE?– Thin means quality. And it means that it is barely noticeable. It will not protrude even you are using a thin case. Only 0.15mm Paperlike thinness