ROOT CO. iPhone 13 Pro Max 6.7 (2021) Gravity Shock Resist Case + Hold Case

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Shock Resist Case + Hold

  • SHOCK-RESIST (conforms to MIL standard) Complies with the impact resistance test of US environmental resistance test "MIL-STD-810G 516.6 Procedure IV". Protect your smartphone from shocks such as falling. *Product drop test from height 122 cm to 26 directions.
  • Two carabiner loops are provided at the bottom of CARABINER LOOP, and it is possible to attach the carabiner directly to the case. As it can be attached to a backpack, shoulder bag, belt loop, etc. as it is, it can be prevented from falling when climbing or outdoors.
  • Light weight structure while maintaining impact resistance, a lightweight structure with a slim shape that is easy to hold
  • By thickening the TPU at the corner of the case, it absorbs the shock when falling and further protects the iPhone firmly.
  • Bumper Design (Bumper type design) A bumper type that uses the iPhone's design by adopting a clear back panel that shows the Apple mark. The tough case can be used casually while keeping the outdoor-like taste.
  • Supports wireless charging with the case attached.
  • A strap can be attached to the STRAP HOLE strap hole.