LG V20 Original Charger Set / Adapter & Type C Cable (Bulk Packaging)

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LG V20 Original Adapter Charging / Data / USB Cable Fast Charge

  • LG V20 with USB Type-C Cable. (1 Type-C USB) 
  • The Dual Voltage 9V and 5V 2.1A Fast Charging works best on supported models 
  • If your version/model does not full support Adaptive Fast Charging, this will still charge at 5 Volts using 2.1A and 15W, usually it still charges faster! 
  • This includes a full power USB to Type-C cable that allows you to charge via any or other USB power source if you aren't near a wall outlet. 
  • Fast Charge and Quick Charge 2.0 require a compatible device 
  • Ideal back or replacement 
  • Lightweight portable design, great for travelling 
  • Automatically reacts to battery levels, so your device receives optimum charging
[Mous Limitless 2.0 Cases] - Mobile.Solutions
[Mous Limitless 2.0 Cases] - Mobile.Solutions