Hoda iPhone 13 6.1 / 13 Mini 5.4 (2021) Sapphire Lens Glass Protector (2 Camera Lens)

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Sapphire Lens Glass Protector (2 Camera Lens)

  • Synthetic sapphire : sapphire is a general term of variety colors mineral corundum, main consisting of aluminium oxide, except Red Gemstone
  • The hardness of Synthetic Sapphire is up to 9 levels Mohs, behind to diamond
  • The anti-scratch surface is better than tempered glass
  • Sapphire lens protector is with AR(Anti-Reflection) coating from Optic Technology to keep the camera quality without distortion
  • This synthetic sapphire protector with touch smooth, fingerprint less, easy clean, durable and long term Anti-smudge