Hoda iPhone 12 / Pro 6.1 (2020) Sapphire Tempered Glass with Helper Screen Protector

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Sapphire 2.5D Screen Protector iPhone 12 6.1 with Helper

Hoda Sapphire has up to 9 grades of hardness, just a grade before diamonds. It is near to impossible to scratch sapphire glass. The anti-reflection coating increases light transmission and contrast by reducing light reflection keeping your photo quality like without it. Hoda Sapphire glass is anti-fingerprint and is easy to clean. While acrylic and sapphire both have pros and cons—and their own fans—today, most modern luxury watches exclusively use sapphire crystal. With better technology, Rolex changed from Acrylic to Sapphire Crystal
  • Synthetic Sapphire
  • Moh's Hardness 9
  • Anti-Dirt
  • Heat-Dissipation
  • Touch Sensitivity
  • Identification Report
  • GIA Certified Glass