Gear4 iPhone 12 / Pro 6.1 (2020) Wembley Flip Case

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Wembley Flip

for iPhone 12 / Pro

The Wembley Flip case unites impact protection and anti-bacterial technology in a folio-style case made with recycled plastic from water bottles. Integrated slots in the cover hold your cards or ID, and the D3O®-reinforced top, bottom, and corners provide 10-foot drop protection.

  • 10ft Drop Protection: Take on anything that comes your way with confidence, knowing that you've got up to 10 feet (3 meters) of drop protection. D3O®—the same material used by the military and professional athletes—is the key component in our formidable phone protection.
  • Reinforced Top, Bottom, and Corners: We've added D3O® to just the areas of your case that are most likely to experience impact—the top, bottom, and sides of the case. This way you get superior drop protection in a streamlined, lightweight case that slides easily into your pocket or bag.
  • Made with Recycled Plastic: The Wembley Flip case is made with recycled plastic from water bottles, making it a socially conscious choice for those who want align what they believe with what they consume.
  • Wireless Charging Compatible: Wireless charging has become indispensable in a world that never stops. All Gear4 cases are wireless charging compatible which means you can drop your phone on any wireless charging pad for a quick charge without removing your case.
  • Card Slots: The inside cover has integrated slots for credit cards or ID making Wembley Flip the intelligent choice for travelers, commuters and everyone else with an on-the-go lifestyle.
  • RepelFlex® Antimicrobial Treatment: These days, you take your phone with you everywhere...and we mean EVERY WHERE. So, we’ve added RepelFlex® Antimicrobial to protect the case coating against odor-causing bacteria*.

Gear4 iPhone 12 / Pro 6.1 (2020) Wembley Flip Case
Gear4 iPhone 12 / Pro 6.1 (2020) Wembley Flip Case